When is the best time to move to Spain?

Start by thinking about:

  • The best time for you,
  • The time of year:
    • weather patterns,
    • local celebrations
    • parental issues
  • The age of your children (if applicable)

Let us explain …

The timing of your move to Spain is fundamental to its success. As with many things in life, getting the timing wrong can lead to disastrous results (even for simple tasks like boiling an egg!).

The best time to move to Spain, for you, can be calculated by taking into consideration a few important factors.


We are here to ensure your move to Spain is a success. We will save you time. We will save you money. We will help you to achieve your aim … a wonderful life in Spain!

Is this the right time for you?

People move abroad for many reasons. People also move back to their home county for many reasons. Unfortunately, not always the right reasons.

How do you know if this is the right time in your life to make the move? 

Ask yourself:  What is my main reason for wanting to move abroad?

Work Commitments?  Many people move abroad for work commitments. If this is your case, are you sure that taking the children with you is the best choice? Have you considered commuting? Many families live very happy lives like this.

Check out the alternatives and ensure that your new destination is suitable for your children. Does it offer the opportunities you want for them?

Looking for new job opportunities for yourself? This is a difficult one, especially in the current economic climate. We are am currently advising people not to move to Spain unless they are financially independent or they have secured a guaranteed work contract.

In search of a better lifestyle? This is thankfully the main reason people tell us. It is the reason we most love to hear. It is the reason we live where we live.

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What Time of Year?

Provided you have a choice about when you move, (i.e. it is not subject to work demands, although that does not always have to dictate the timing of your child’s move), the only way you can decide is by researching your chosen destination.

We are often surprised at the number of families who tell us that they are planning to move to Spain “just before Christmas” or “over the Christmas period”. For most people, this really is not a good time to move to Spain.

Why do we consider this to be a bad choice?

In a nutshell; the weather, Christmas celebrations and school timetables!

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For Families With Children: Consider the Age of Your Child

We are adults. We are responsible for our decisions and our actions. As parents, we are also responsible for the decisions we make for our children. This may seem obvious, but a recent survey we have conducted, about moving to Spain with children (by people who have already done it), brought some shocking truths to light.

There is no one correct answer to “When is the right age to move abroad with children?”. However, this is a question you must ask yourself about your own personal situation.

Generally, younger children are more adaptable and open to change and therefore easier to move. If you are moving to a country that does not speak your native tongue, the younger the age of the child, the earlier they will adapt to the new language if they are immersed in it.

Older children may be more resistant to the idea of moving to another country due to leaving friends and of course the more complicated issues in terms of education. On the other hand, they understand a great deal more about different cultures, retain far more, and can therefore gain much more from the experience.

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Tip 1:  Research the weather patterns of your chosen destination.

In most popular regions of Spain, the majority of people choose to move there for the sunnier climate and the wonderful outdoor lifestyle (amongst other factors of course!). However, the weather is generally the most unreliable between the months of December and April. As a result, by moving, during the Christmas period, you will not be starting off in the best climatic conditions. Your dreams of sunny days on the beach and outdoor lifestyle may well be questioned!

This is not to say it will not be possible, thanks to the wonderful climate in parts of Spain. However, it is an important point to think about.

Tip 2 : Research local and traditional celebrations in your new destination.

Christmas and New Year is traditionally a time to be spent with friends and family. It is the most celebrated time of year in some countries but not in all. Imagine, your first Christmas in your new destination where you do not know anybody, you may not even be able to buy a Christmas tree and all the gifts sent by post have not yet arrived.

Not an ideal situation for our loved ones, is it?

Tip 3 : For families with children – Research school term times and enrolment procedures.

In Spain, school applications are generally submitted in March, places are confirmed by June and term starts in September. So, why move over in December? Even in our home country, starting a child in a new school in the middle of the school year can be challenging. Imagine starting them in a new school in a new country in the same circumstances. Don’t we at least want to try and make it easier for them?

The reasons to live in Spain are abundant. If you can say “I want to live in Spain”, contact us today.

We can help you with your relocation and make that dream life come true.

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