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Whether you are looking to buy property in Spain or relocate, we will make it safe and easy.

With our advice and assistance, you will avoid the many pitfalls faced by too many other people.

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buying property in Spain

At How To Move To Spain we pride ourselves on being able to offer a tailored service, adjusted to suit your own personal needs. We offer a stress-free option for moving to southern Spain and for purchasing property in Spain.

With our advice and assistance, you will avoid the many pitfalls faced by too many other people.

Our speciality areas are currently:

  • the Province of Malaga and the Costa del Sol
  • the Province of Granada and the Costa Tropical

Our services are available to EU and non-EU citizens.

We are here to ensure your move to Spain is a success. We will save you time. We will save you money. We will help you to achieve your aim … a wonderful life in Spain!


So, How Does It Work?

Let us explain the initial steps we take to better understand your needs. Based on this information we prepare an action plan that suits your needs and your available timeframe to allow for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Step 1

Contact us (using this link) or via email simply confirming if you are 

  • relocating to Spain, or
  • purchasing property in Spain.

Step 2

We will email you an Initial Questionnaire to complete and send back to us. These answers allow us to evaluate your own personal requirements and plan the next steps.

Step 3

Once we have reviewed your answers, we will confirm, via email, if we are able to assist you. We offer a high level of personalised service and we will not take on more clients that we are able to deal with. Planning is crucial.

Step 4

We will arrange a free initial consultation, via Skype, at a suitable time for you. If you do not have Skype we can arrange a telephone call.

Following this conversation, we will email our proposal to you.

Step 5

Upon acceptance of our proposal, and once you are clear bout how we can help you to safely purchase property in Span or relocate to Spain, we request the payment of an initial deposit.

The remainder of the agreed balance will be paid upon completion of all the agreed services. That way you can be 100% confident that we will fulfil and exceed our agreement with you.

The Relocation Plan of Action

Based on your requirements we will start by helping you to select the best area / town / village to live. There are several factors we will need to discuss directly with you to make this decision. These will include factors such as education requirements; specific property needs; transportation; budget and more …

Once we have shortlisted suitable areas, we can arrange visits for you if time permits.

Ideally, you will be contacting us at least 6 to 12 months before you plan to relocate. In this case, we would suggest at least one, preferably two, visits to the areas. Obviously, the further in advance we start the process, the better.  Subject to availability, we may also be able to offer last minute relocation support. ie. less than 3 months.

When the area has been decided, we will then focus on both educational and property options.

We will help organise appointments and visits to local schools, this includes Spanish state, private and International schools.

We will work with recommended local estate agents to shortlist suitable properties for you to visit. If you are unable to visit the properties, we can offer out *VIP video service (please note this will incur an extra charge).

If you prefer, we can assist with finding temporary accommodation until you secure a long term rental.

If you are renting a property, we will liaise and negotiate with agents to ensure that your contract is to your needs and that the rental price you are paying is within budget.

If you are purchasing a property, we will ensure you have a reputable, independent lawyer to advise you.

In addition to the above relocation process, we are able to assist you with:

  • quotes for importing vehicles
  • NIE and Residency application
  • opening bank accounts and money transfer
  • pet transportation
  • town hall registration / Padron certificate
  • insurance quotes
  • utility companies, phone and internet providers

We understand that every relocation has its own specific requirements. It is for this reason we tailor our options to your needs.

We look forward to helping you enjoy your life in Spain.

The Property Purchase Plan Of Action

First of all, we would like to repeat the fact that we are not an estate agents. We are property finders.

  • We do not sell property.
  • We help you to purchase property.

We help you to find what you are looking for and provide invaluable experience that will save you not only time and money but also will help you avoid a lot of unnecessary complications.

What information do we initially need from you?

  • What areas of Spain are you looking at?
  • What kind of location would you prefer? e.g rural, coastal, town centre, village, holiday resort…
  • What type of property are you looking for?  a villa,  townhouse, apartment
  • How many bedrooms?
  • How many bathrooms?
  • What is your budget?
  • How soon do you intend to buy?
  • When are you available to visit?
  • How can we contact you?

Once we have spoken ( we prefer to make direct contact to allow us to fully understand your requirements), we will agree a time schedule and start the search.

IMPORTANT: To avoid duplication and enjoy a smoother experience, we require you to book all your viewings via us. We can arrange viewings of any property you may find on the internet. If you find a property you like the look of and would like to know more about, simply send us the link and we will do the research for you.  We will add to the shortlist and arrange a viewing if suitable.

As properties are often listed by several agents, many people waste viewing time by being taken to the same properties via different agents.  We prevent this happening to you!

We will contact the most reputable agents in your search area to locate the most suitable properties for you. We will send recommended properties, based on your requirements. We will work together to prepare a  short list of properties before your visit .

We will assist you during your inspection visits and will ensure you receive honest and essential information on each property.

Remember, unlike estate agents, we work for you, not for the seller. If we think a property is unsuitable we will tell you and explain why.

If required, we will set up a meeting with an independent lawyer who will talk you through the property purchase process and answer any questions you may have. They will also give you the opportunity to give them power of attorney and leave the whole process in their hands.

We look forward to helping you find your ideal property in Spain.

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