Are you looking for reasons to move to Spain?

How many do you want? For starters:

  • Lifestyle,
  • Family values,
  • Climate,
  • Culture,
  • Gastronomy,
  • Value for money,
  • Accessibility

Let us explain …

Every year, many people consider moving to Spain. Every year, people make the move. Sometimes all goes well and they have a wonderful life. Sometimes it doesn’t work out and they return home. The failed relocations are the stories too often published in the tabloids and sensationalist TV programs.

From experience, we can confidently say that say that many failed relocations are due to inadequate research and incorrect advice (Health issues aside!).


We are here to ensure your move to Spain is a success. We will save you time. We will save you money. We will help you to achieve your aim … a wonderful life in Spain!

Spain used to be a popular destination for young people looking for a new start and retirees hoping their pension would go further in warmer climes.  Nowadays, with the change in the economic climate, more and more families who are financially independent are making the move.  The majority of the people we agree to assist are looking for a better quality of life for their family.

The most common scenarios are that the parents have an online business, which allows them to be location independent. Another scenario is when one of the parents works overseas, in a job which means they are away for weeks or months at a time.  These families are looking for a safe and enjoyable environment in which to live.  There has also been a recent increase in the number of highly skilled professionals being recruited or relocated to Spain by large companies, who are setting up headquarters here, as a result of new business incentives.

A very common question we are asked “Is Spain a good place to live?”  We have a dedicated team of relocation specialists, who all have chosen to relocate and raise their children in Spain.  This was a conscious decision for each family.  Our team of specialists has Spanish living experiences ranging from 1 – 23 years.  Of course we live in Spain, so we feel it is a wonderful place to live, and we will share with you a few reasons why we moved to Spain.


Oh beautiful Spain, a great place to call home!

Cost of Living

We find the cost of living to be very reasonable in Spain.  Of course, this will all vary greatly depending on where you feel is the best place to live in Spain.  The cities and coastlines will likely be more expensive than the suburbs, smaller villages or country towns.  There are many affordable properties for sale in Spain, but we do recommend renting, to get to know an area, before purchasing a property in Spain.

Food, housing and healthcare are all at a very reasonable cost.  If you are an EU citizen, you may be able to benefit from the excellent Spanish healthcare system (we can guide you on this).  If you are not an EU citizen, you will find private health insurance to be very affordable.  We have people on our team from the UK, USA and Australia and each of them agrees that for lower cost of living in Spain you can enjoy a much higher quality of life.

Read more…

Beautiful and Diverse Surroundings

If you like sunshine, nature, and the outdoors, then Spain is a wonderful choice for you.  The diverse landscapes offer you mountains and beaches, as well as valleys and plains.  There are so many activities available like snow skiing, biking, hiking, paragliding, surfing, and unlimited watersports.

The climate is also something that most people are attracted to.  Of course, the north of Spain will be colder in the winter and the south will have much milder winters.  Many are drawn to the south, for this reason, but there are micro-climates to keep in mind.  Being in the south doesn’t guarantee a milder winter, especially if you are in the Sierra Nevada.  Just because Spain is known for the amazing sunshine, that doesn’t mean you won’t experience rain.  Yes, it does rain in Spain.  Just do your research and understand the different areas. Read more…


Spanish Language

Most of our team selected Spain as their home to fully immerse the family in the Spanish language.  This really is the best way to learn Spanish, as it is interlaced with all that Spain has to offer.  You not only learn the language, but you gain an understanding of it through your daily life and experiencing the culture and traditions.  Of course for the kids, it will be a bit easier for them to pick up the language, as they are just sponges when it comes to absorbing new information.  As adults, we too should learn as much as we can and there are so many resources available to assist along the way. Read more…

Spanish Culture

Imagine being able to incorporate history and traditions into your daily life.  Throughout Spain you will find remnants of past civilizations from the Phoenicians, Romans, Egyptians, and Moorish influences as well.  Spain has amazing museums, buildings, artists, authors and film sets at your fingertips.  Imagine living in a village with a daily view of Roman ruins.  Each of these bits of history has a story to tell and what better way to hear it than from a local friend. Read more…


What would culture be without the food and drink that goes along with it?  Ah, it is refreshing to be able to walk to your local market and select your fresh produce for the day or perhaps it is a stop at the local butcher or bakery instead.  There are many popular Spanish foods, but each region has their own specialty.  The local wines, beers, vinegars and olive oils are absolutely delicious with surprisingly low prices. Read more…

Family Life and Fun

Living in Spain allows us to have the time to enjoy a good family life, as well as soak up an invaluable experience. We have more time with our children; spend more time outdoors in the fresh open air.  Material possessions are not as important, but relationships are and it is clear that family comes first.  The people are generally very friendly and open. Children are an accepted part of the culture and are welcomed just about any place you go. Age is merely a number.

Life is to be celebrated. There is no shortage of fiestas to be found.  Of course, you will find the well-known festivals or celebrations, such as Semana Santa, Feria de Seville, Carnaval, La Tomatina, but you will also notice each little village will have their own unique traditions and celebrations as well. ¡Viva la feria! Read more…

El Palmar Beach

Quality of Life

There is just something about the pace of life in Spain that helps you just slow down and enjoy the moment.  People work to live in Spain and having the proper work life balance is very important to everyone.  People have a passion for what they do and they also have a passion for enjoying life and family.  The tranquil and safe living environment may be difficult to come by in your home country, but it is in abundance in Spain. Read more…


There is no doubt you will find plenty of diversity within Spain, but you also have very easy access to experiences other cultures within Europe as well.  Spain is well connected to other parts of Europe via planes, buses, trains, and of course motorways. Read more…

The reasons to live in Spain are abundant. If you can say “I want to live in Spain”, contact us today.

We can help you with your relocation and make that dream life come true.

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